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majorpawn.com’s Tips on What to Know Before Going to a Pawn Shop

If you find yourself stuck in a financial emergency, you can always rely on a pawn shop to help you get the cash that you need. You might want to consider going to a pawnshop if you have a room or a basement that is full of things (especially antiques) that might have some value to them after a little bit of cleaning.

However, though a pawn shop would be able to help you get money in times of need, we recommend knowing the ins and outs of a pawn shop transaction first before heading to one.

You should never feel embarrassed to go to a pawn shop especially if you really need to. We at www.majorpawn.com suggest knowing the following things first before heading to a pawn shop near you so that you would have an idea of what you are going to be dealing with.

• Not every bad thing you hear is true

We have heard stories about pawnshops being a shady and sometimes scary business. However, on a lot of occasions, these negative things are oftentimes nothing but a bunch of baseless stories that are being promulgated by media. Remember that not all pawn shops are bad and not every single one of them is greedy enough to steal from their customers. In fact, we at www.majorpawn.com always remind people that pawn shops are governed by fourteen federal regulations and statutes as well as several other state laws depending on their location. A lot of pawn shops in the US are run by people who take pride in their customer service excellence.


• How you can get a loan

Before heading to a pawn shop, we at www.majorpawn.com suggest that you know first what exactly you can get out of a pawn shop.

  • Collateral loans: This type of loan is given to people in exchange for something that has value. If you take something of value to a pawn shop and the pawnbroker becomes interested in the item, he will offer a loan to you. The pawnbroker will keep your item until you are able to pay your loan back. The amount that the pawnbroker will give you is going to be only a small fraction of what the item is really worth. This is because a lot of factors such as storing and market value are considered by the pawnbroker before an offer is made on the item. www.majorpawn.com would be able to help you learn about what the best offers are.
  • Selling the item: If you are in need of more money, you can also opt to sell your item outright. However, pawnbrokers are happier if you would consider loaning since it would mean that you are more likely to come back, and it is just much better for business in general for you to loan.
  • Pawn tickets: Never lose your pawn ticket, as this serves as your receipt. Lose this and you will    have trouble with processing your transaction.
• Repaying loans

You should make a plan on how you are going to manage to pay your loan back. Make sure that you pay your loan back before the set deadline, which is usually set around one to four months after your initial transaction. If you fail to pay the loan back, the pawnbroker gets to keep your item, although this will not affect your credit score in any way.

• What do pawn shops want and don’t want? Not every single item is going to be accepted by a pawn shop Pawn

o Do not offer anything that is outdated, cheaply made, or is extremely difficult to either store or sell. These items will either fetch a low loan amount or get rejected outright by the pawnbroker.

o Do offer coins, jewelry, as well as high quality tools, firearms, and musical instruments. We at www.majorpawn.com always suggest going with these items as these are market friendly and are very easy to store.

• Be prepared to answer questions regarding your ownership of the item

Pawn shops are legally mandated to check if you really are the true owner of the item you are selling. You might be asked questions in order for the pawnbroker to assess whether you really own the item. By law, you should also present a government ID when you go to a pawn shop.

Very simply, if you bring your item into one of Major Pawn, one of our trained and extremely knowledgeable associates will assess the value of your item. We at www.majorpawn.com always suggest going with these items as these are market friendly and are very easy to store.

On ChronisTsempelis’ Services – What is Social Media Management?

There’s no doubt that social media changed the game. Word of mouth had always been the most effective and preferred form of marketing, but social media elevated it to a whole different level. These days, your opinion on a certain product or service is not only shared with a select few friends and family, but perhaps even all over the world through popular social media platforms.

Social media is now such a crucial source of leads that companies like ChronisTsempelis emerged to become specialists in optimizing its use.

But what exactly is social media optimization? And how does it differ from search engine optimization (SEO)?

SMO or social media optimization is basically the method by which you utilize social media platforms or communities to drum up publicity or recognition for an event, brand, or product. Entities like ChronisTsempelis go about it by using tools like RSS feeds, social media websites, and video blogging sites. SMO and SEO are the same in the sense that their main purpose is to direct traffic towards your online domain.

SEOEssentially, SEO is a lot broader when it comes to achieving such a goal since it is primarily focused on increasing your website’s ranking on the search results page. Thus, SMO is but one part of SEO.

While SMO deals with establishing links for your business on many blogs or social media websites, promoting yourself on these platforms actually do more harm to your brand. Consultants like ChronisTsempelis would often advise that you work towards establishing a rapport with your target audience instead and have them do the promoting on their social accounts for you. This way, the third party referrals not only draw more attention to your brand, but it also lends more authority to your SMO campaign. After all, why would an ordinary social media account share links about your company’s website or its products unless they truly enjoyed it? It’s not like they get a share of your profits. For this reason alone, third party social media referrals are more effective in boosting your overall online profile.

Other ways in which you can improve your SMO strategy include the following :

1) Posting relevant and authoritative content.

Any online business needs to be informed about trends in order to stay significant. Part of exhibiting this sort of awareness is to keep track of what sort of concerns and interests their target audience could be having and then posting the sort of material that would address such.

It also helps to post verified content from the leading practitioners or authorities in your respective industry to boost your credibility among your target online audience.

2) Join in on or stimulate active conversations.

It helps if you have a social media-savvy manager who can pinpoint the sort of topics that would facilitate a dynamic dialogue among the members of your target audience. This not only uplifts your profile among those who feel very passionately about your industry, but it also helps you develop a following among them.

SEO servicesIf you aren’t established enough to start up such a conversation among a substantial audience or market, then you can start by chiming in on trending topics. Contribute either a unique insight or a practical piece of advice, and then take it from there.

Like SEO, SMO also takes a lot of time and effort to do properly. Thus, if you would prefer to focus on developing your product and service so that it would eventually generate its own buzz, then you can look to hiring other people to do it for you. Companies like ChronisTsempelis often offer pretty good levels of service at reasonable rates, so you may want to look into that.

The Printed Circuit Board: What is it? Who invented it? What is it made from? What is it used for?

The printed circuit board is one of the greatest inventions in terms of technology. The common applications of PCB assembly are television sets, radio sets, cellular phones and gaming gadgets.

What is PCB assembly? What is it made from? A printed circuit board is the interconnection of electronic components attached on a non-conductive base. A printed circuit board has 2 basic parts, the thin leads and the substrate or base. The thin leads, electrically conductive, are commonly made of metal. The base or substrate is made of non-conductive materials. Some of the raw materials used to manufacture PCBs are laminates, copper foil, copper-clad laminates, and epoxy-coated glass fabric (known as prepregs).

There are 3 general types of boards: single-sided, double-sided and multilayered. The single-sided type has the leads or conductors attached on only one side of the board, while double-sided boards are types where conductors cross from one side to the opposite side of the substrate. Several layers of printed circuits make up the multilayered type.

PCB assembly is electrically done using different technologies. The two known methods are “surface-mount” and “through-hole” technologies. The first, the surface-mount technology, is a method where conductors are directly attached or soldered to the substrate. USB flash drives are an example of this technology. The older method, through-hole method, uses the method of leads passing through tiny holes on the base, and soldered to connect to the circuits pads on the other side of the substrate. One perfect example of this type is the personal computer.

Who are the people behind printed circuit boards? PCB changed in many ways and continually changes up to this time, and many inventors and innovators are involved. Some of them are Albert Hanson, Thomas Edison, Charles Ducas and Paul Eisler. The German inventor, Albert Hanson, invented his version of the PCB in 1903. He made use of flat conductive foil placed onto an insulated board, which formed several layers. Chemical method of plating conductors attached on linen paper was invented by Thomas Edison in 1904. Next is Charles Ducas who utilized inks, which are conductive of electrical charges, printed on stencils. This electroplating method of Ducas was invented in 1925. Paul Eisler of Austria invented the PCB for radio sets in 1936.

Eisler’s invention made it to the eyesight of the US Military during the Second World War. One of the greatest breakthroughs of PCB was during this war as it was used to detonate bombs, and used as proximity fuse. It gave way to the victory of the USA against Germany. The PCB concept became commercialized in mid 1950s. In 1961, Hazeltine Corporation patented their version of the Printed circuit board. Hazeltine’s design is through-holed and multilayered. Compound designs came out, in which modern-day PCB originated. Integrated circuit chips were invented in the 1970s.

PCB assembly in general continually improved, and more uses of the PCBs were discovered. Combination of modern manufacturing techniques and printed circuit designs resulted in great changes.

What are the common applications of the PCB? Way back, the PCB was used by the military to ignite bombs. In the modern world, almost every electronic apparatus is made of the PCB. PCB is the foundation of communication devices, gaming gadgets, appliances, automobiles, and many others. It is also applicable in large industries with electronic and automatic controls, like in power plants, and factories.

Wrapping it all up, the printed circuit board started small and unnoticed, yet made it today. At present, this intricate invention makes day-to-day life less complicated in the office, at home, in school, in factories, and in every place you know.

How to Afford Homes for Sale in Nassau County, Long Island

If you are eyeing that suburban home in Nassau County, then you need to be financially viable as a borrower. Below are a few tips on how to afford homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island. Remember, there are only around 5,000 homes of all types available for sale in Nassau County. This is not very much as the population density is around 4,655 per square mile.

Down Payment

Most homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island require you to put up a down payment. The lowest it can go is around 3% of the purchase price, but on average, it is safe to assume that most banks prefer a 10% to 15% down payment.

Tip: If you have low credit scores or your income will not allow you to qualify for a specific down payment amount, then you need to increase the down payment. This way the remaining balance goes down, thus resulting in lower installment amounts.

Installment Payments

As a general rule, the maximum installment payment you can qualify for is around 30% of your net income. This is assuming there is 30% that is left after your monthly expenses. Because of the housing meltdown that occurred last 2008, some experts believe that 20% to 25% is a more comfortable number. The difference is placed in a savings account to be used for emergencies.

Real EstateTip: Be as accurate as possible when computing your income and expenses. If you are unsure of the monthly net income (e.g. due to regular overtime), then err in favor of the lower amount. If you are unsure of your monthly expenses (e.g. due to miscellaneous expenses), err in favor of a higher amount.

Interest Payments

Your goal is to pay the lowest interest. Bear in mind that the percentages may be misleading. Subtract the total principal payments from the total purchase price. The result will be your total installment payments. This should paint a more accurate picture of how much money you are losing.

Credit Reports and Scores

Credit scores are important because they determine your interest payments to some degree. Your goal is to have an excellent credit score with no red flags on your account (e.g. previous bankruptcy, wage garnishment). Remember, each state has a median credit score, but that should not be your goal. Your goal is at least 750 FICO. This way you have a bigger chance to qualify for home loans with the lowest interest payments.

Closing Costs

Some lenders tend to add a few thousand dollars via closing costs. In order to prevent this, you should be wary of the costs associated with your loan. Look at the breakdown of costs via your loan documents. Make sure you are viewing the final loan documents, not the initial offer. Ask your lender to explain each cost. Cross-reference the same with the information you find online.

Consumer Education

Before looking into homes for sale In Nassau County, Long Island, you might want to get some financial education. Some prefer to rely on eBooks though it is much more advisable to call a credit counselor. These individuals are licensed and regulated by the state. Some are non-profit and some even provide counseling for free. If you must pay for a counseling session, the fee is minimal anyway. Just make sure that you are talking to a licensed counselor. You can verify the list online!

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We are one stop shop for long island homes for sale. We offord homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island whether its residential or commercial property.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Golf Drivers

In the previous years, golf was limited only to a select few. These players were primarily the elite and privileged. At the time, most of those players who engaged in this sport were elderly people and senior corporate executives.

For the elderly, the game provided them with a less strenuous form of exercise. At the same time, it was an opportunity to socialize with colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

For businessmen, they treated the golf course as an extension of their boardrooms. It became an important setting for closing business deals or to butter up to clients.

Golf driversFast forward to the 21st century, golf is now a sport to reckon with. Its acceptance is at par with that of other sports like baseball and basketball. Because of its popularity and greater accessibility, many have taken up the sport, both for pleasure and as a profession.

Today’s players have greater access to the sport. Courses are no longer restricted within the confines of an exclusive country club. Community courses offer affordable rates for a round of golf.

Even the golf equipment sold nowadays would not cost a player an arm and a leg like before.

Buying a set of golf clubs is important to the game of amateurs and professionals alike. A typical golf set would include a variety of clubs. Making the right choice would depend on a player’s intentions.

If you are new to the sport, it is best to get a set of clubs designed for beginners. A beginner’s set would include iron clubs, a wedge, and a putter. Notably, it does not include any golf drivers as beginners would not be skilled enough to use these yet. Adding golf drivers to your set can be done later on as your game progresses.

On the other hand, pro golfers do not step onto the course without having a complete set of clubs on hand. Their golf bag would include several clubs like a putter, several wedges, and golf drivers.

If you have gone beyond the role of a novice and would like to venture further into golf, buying your first set of golf drivers may seem overwhelming. Obviously, since entering a pro golf or even a sporting store would have you in the middle of club central. With so many options to choose from, how do you tell the difference of one from the other?

For newbies, the first obvious point of difference among golf drivers is the price. The choice of branded versus generic drivers will depend on your budget.

The typical branded driver is made of titanium, lightweight, and offers a larger hot spot. Consequently, it is more expensive so more often than not, professionals or those who are really serious about the game would buy it.

But if you only play golf for leisure, you need not spend extra for a titanium driver. You have the option to purchase one made of steel. Though it is heavier, it is less expensive and would do a decent job for you on the course as well.

In terms of branding, experts would often consider this as more of a marketing strategy by most club manufacturers. As displayed in most shops, the top brands are endorsed by big league pro golfers. However, in practice, the choice of driver among pros is still dictated by how a club affects their game.

Although, it is important to note that part of the cost of branded drivers does go into development. This means that their manufacturers can spend extra on additional research to enhance their product. Professional players are able to benefit most from these enhancements.

Amateur players may eventually opt for a more expensive and branded driver when upgrading their golf clubs.

Like any product, club manufacturers also make it a point to come up with a new model every year. This may mean showcasing a new design or an enhancement. For beginners, it is not compulsory to buy what is new on the rack.

In some cases, it may be worth it to look at older driver models. From a financial viewpoint, older models of branded drivers may be significantly cheaper. Yet the technology it uses would still be close to the sophistication of new models.

As always, clones of branded drivers are also sold in the market. These are fashioned to closely resemble their expensive counterparts but cost considerably less. Experts caution beginners from buying a clone since there is no assurance that its performance can mimic that of the original.

In terms of club head size, beginners are better off choosing a bigger size to go with their driver. Doing so allows for more hits than misses when you take a shot. Reserve the choice of a smaller club head when you have had more experience in consistently hitting the ball.

Another factor to consider is the loft of the club head. The swing speed of most beginners will be comparatively low to that of professionals. As such, it is advisable to select a higher loft for your driver club head.

With regards to the club shaft, it is best for beginners to opt for one that is short and flexible. At this length, a beginner can maintain accuracy and power despite having a slow swing.

Ideas for Movable cubicles

Movable cubicles are known for shipping large quantities of items. It’s quite interesting to know that they can be used for diverse functions such as for growing veggies and plants, organizing stuff, protecting wildlife, and more. This to-do list will make you look at Moveablecontainer differently.

Building a green home. If you want an unusual house, you can set your sights on movable cubicles. Regular homes are made from lumber – these not only catch fire easily but they are also costly for the environment. A shipping container is turning into a fad nowadays because having them is way cheaper than building a house made out of traditional materials. It’s also easy to put your home away when you want a change of scenery.

Putting up an office anywhere you like. Working outside of an office takes a bit more effort because being at your home-sweet-home is conducive for rest and goofing off. It has been observed that people who designate a working area in their residence are mentally primed to work, and they accomplish more duties as a result. These cubicles may be transformed into a working space right within your backyard and away from the temptations and distractions of home life.

Movable CubiclesCreating a space for meetings or any other activity. It’s expensive to rent a space continuously and constructing a meeting place is even pricier. Consider acquiring large shipping containers and converting them into your desired function room. Doing so is cheap, lasts a long time, and will provide unique experiences.

Setting up a store. Increase your earnings by spending less on the things you need to sell items. Building a store out from scratch can set your capital back by thousands of dollars. However, acquiring a cubicle and doing some modifications will not take a huge dent out of your budget. You may also attract customers because of the place’s novelty.

For travelling time. The technology for time travel may not be available as of the current moment but you can send what you have now into the distant future. A shipping container can last hundreds of years; whatever you place in it that doesn’t decompose will be kept for future generations to see. You can also choose shorter time frames like 10 years or 5 years so that you’d remember who you were when you’re older and have memory problems.

For keeping your stash. Is there something you’d like to hide away from the world? Burying it in small steel containers will do the trick. Preppers often use durable containers to store non-perishable food, water, weapons, medicine, and other survivalist items in undisclosed locations just in case they will need them.

For aquaphonics. Aquaphonics is a method of growing vegetables, flowers, small plants, and even fruit bearing trees in containers. They are attached to a small tank with fish or other freshwater seafood. The water is enriched by the creatures’ droppings and it is passed on to the plants through a hose. This makes the plants grow amazingly well. You’d only need a plastic IBC container, some pipes and pumps, fish, seeds, and plants, and an aquaphonics manual that you can download from the Internet.

For dealing with your junk. Movable cubicles are not only for keeping the important stuff; it can also be used for clutter control. When you’re doing heavy duty spring cleaning, regular garbage bags may not be enough to contain your trash especially if it involves large furniture and weighty appliances. You can also keep your things temporarily in a container while you’re figuring out how to rearrange them, such as when you’re transferring to a new home.

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We provide completely refurbished, high quality, clean movable cubicles at competitive prices.Movable cubicles are ideally suited to provide storage for financial records, office supplies, furniture, medical equipment or if you are simply looking to expand your warehouse capacity.

Designing Custom Military Coins

From the Roman Empire which started the issuance of coins as compensation for the heroic exploits of soldiers in battles, to American soldiers who used coins as a way to identify themselves, their comrades, and their units during WWI,the military challenge coin hasgone a long way as part of the many rich traditions.

From their original purpose of providing unit identification, custom military coins have been used in other noble and far-reaching ways. Nowadays, military coins are issuedto reward great deeds, mark special milestones, andraise money for worthy projects.

custommilitarycoinsMany military events are punctuated by the awarding of custom military coins to deserving enlisted members. While coin passing is almost always a happy and proud moment greeted with the surprised and happy faces of recipients, military coins are also used in heart-rending occasions such as honoringfallen soldiers.

As military coins promote universal values like fraternityand teamsmanship, the practice has inevitably expanded to non-military organizations such as sports, firefighting, and the education sector.

Many soldiers and civilians consider collecting military coins as a means to show their patriotism. Some service members proudly display their collection of a hundred or more military challenge coins gained during their years of service, trading with comrades, and buying during fundraising events.

As the military coin gained prominence and popularity in military and civilian organizations, the manufacturing technology that producesmilitary coins has kept up with the high demand for customization. Modern military coins now come in a great range of design and specifications which is limited only by the imagination and in some instances, by budget.

How do you design a unique military coin that will truly depict the ideals and principles espoused by your unit? In designing a military coin, there are important details to consider in making itreally special.

1. Symbol

A military coin must showcase the insignia of the issuing military branch, unit,or officer. Custom coinscan depict more than one emblem on either side.

2. Size and shape

Every unit has a vision for every custom coin it issues and the size and shape can be designed to reflect its uses. Besides the conventional round shape, custom military coins may take the shape of ovals, shields, cross bones and virtually any shape you can think of.Military coins may likewise be designed as a bottle opener. If it’s a challenge coin, it must be sturdy enough as it would get slammed during a coin check.

3. Make and Finish

Custom military coins showcase the organization or branch and may be made using a range of metal styles such as polished gold metal, silver, brass, copper, and black nickel. Other popular options include antiquated versions of these metals. It’s even possible to create a duo-tone effect.

Sequential numbering, 3D designs, engraved texts showing the name of the awardees and relevant words or quotations, custom shapes and cut-outs all add up to create truly special coins befitting the unit, the occasion, and the individual receiving recognition.

4. Edging

Military coins may be customized using a variety of diamond-cut edging designs such as rope cut edge, wave cut edge, cross cut edge, and oblique cut edge. The edge adds to the design as well as serves as something to hold on to when the coin is given during a secret handshake.

5. Accessories

Key chains, lanyards, pouches, coin capsules,and velvet boxes can add a personal touch to military coins.
Powerful and creative designs make custom military coins more valuable and specialto the people who receive them. Time and effort are usually needed to come up with a truly distinctive coin design.

Mists that Blow the Heat Away

Finding a way to beat the summer heat? Does your electricity bill shoot upthe roof? There’s only one solution to your problem –a misting fan!Misting fans utilize evaporative cooling technology. This innovation is designed to provide luxurious cooling relief during hot weather without the luxurious price. Maybe you don’t notice them butmisters have actually started to become the new trend. You actually see them everywhere whether it is inside a restaurant, a private function, an outdoor party, or even inside offices.

fanThe main reason why misting fans have become ubiquitous is due to its cost effectiveness. Simply put, you get more than what you paid for. Air conditioning units can be quite expensive. And it doesn’t end there. Air conditioning units actually consume a lot of electricity. Add maintenance and repair expenses to the list and you will be surprised just how much you are spending for your air conditioning unit every year. Just like your air conditioner, misting fans can also reduce the temperature of the surrounding although it does so at a lower price! Some of these units can cool an entire 600 square foot area at a price of just 20 cents per hour. Definitely far from the cost of traditional air conditioning units.

Another advantage is that it is less likely to require repair. One important factor in selecting an air conditioning unit is the horsepower. The capacity of which has to be enough to provide cooling effect to a limited area only. For instance, if you put a single 1.0- horsepower air conditioning unit in a room about 30 square meters in area, it wouldn’t be able to provide sufficient cooling effect. There is also a high tendency for the unit to malfunction due to prolonged straining. This is not the case with misting fans.

For instance, placing Auramist fans in an area larger than its capacity would not strain the machine. Although the large area would limit the cooling effect of Auramist fan, there are less chances for it to malfunction as compared to a standard air conditioning unit. For larger areas or venues, it would be most ideal to place an industrial type of misting fan. Placing multiple large industrial fans would be more cost effective as it is typically capable of cooling a 50,000 square foot area for just 80 cents an hour.

mist fanAuramist fans can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for commercial, residential, or industrial, an appropriate model is available to suit your needs. For instance, there are weather resistant misting fans that are ideal for outdoor use. This is perfect for parties, sports activities, open air concerts, and other outdoor events. On the other hand, there are also self-contained units. These units are portable and very convenient to transfer. So the next time you go on a picnic, make sure to bring a self-contained misting fan to battle the heat!

If you have just purchased a regular fan, you don’t have to replace the whole unit with a misting fan. Another option would be to purchase a fan misting kit. This enables you to transform your regular fan to a misting fan. A misting kit works like an accessory; most of which are compatible with regular outdoor fans. You simply have to connect your fan to a water source via a hose and there you have your mist!

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